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Classical Education Demystified 

The decision to transition from traditional schooling to online schooling can be terrifying and overwhelming. That's why we have dedicated Family Consultants who want to spend time listening to your educational experience, online schooling concerns, and future goals for each of your children. They will share with you the Veritas approach to classical education and give a recommendation for your students.

Experience You Can Trust

We've been in business for 25 years and have offered live online classes for 19 years. Our proven method has led thousands of students to success. We're old enough to have 2nd generation Veritas students! 

If you choose the Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma Program and are accepted, your students will be assigned a dedicated Academic Advisor to keep them on track all year long, to give advice for college searching, and all the way until they walk across the graduation stage. You will be just one email away from an experienced Advisor who is passionate about your student having the absolute best school experience. 

You will rest easy, knowing your student will be prepared for life! 

Take the Stress out of Making Academic Decisions

College-bound families seek out Veritas for its accreditation by the Middle States Association. It is one of the most widely recognized and respected accrediting organizations that opens many doors to academic scholarship and financial aid.

Student Spotlight:
Melba Pearson - Harvard University

Flexible Options 

Get 1-on-1 help as you make today's critical choices for your K-12 student.

How does Veritas fit into your homeschooling goals?

  • Your Student. Your Timeline. Anywhere.
  • Self-Paced courses
  • Live Online courses 
  • Complete Grade level packages
  • Full-Time Academy with Accredited Diploma 
  • Dual Enrollment

Our knowledgeable Family Consultants will:

  • Listen to your goals for your student's education 
  • Explain the multiple options Veritas offers
  • Create an academic plan for each of your students 

Biblical World View

Tailored Academic Plans


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Our Students Are

Thoughtful, intelligent, insightful, critical thinkers, articulate, impressive, polite, respectful, influencers, leaders, higher grades, discerning, and able to detect logical fallacies.

Dream Outcome

Whether your student's dream is to attend university, join the family business, or go to trade school, they will receive foundational skills, making them strong thinkers, reasoners, and problem solvers that will equip them to do well in personal and work life, graciously articulating what they believe and why they believe from a Biblical worldview. 

The icing on the cake! VSA Graduates consistently receive full-ride tuition scholarships to colleges. In 2022, the average Diploma graduate received $54,000 in scholarships! 

Live Online Classes

No matter their academic plan (Diploma or non-Diploma), all live course students attend classes together, benefitting from world-class teachers, Socratic discussions with students from around the world, and challenging material that will prepare them for life- wherever that takes them. 

It is only in the context of the fear of God that genuine knowledge, understanding, and wisdom can be attained. And with this view, teachers guide every conversation in class in the light of the Gospel.