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The Veritas Scholars Academy offers nearly any course you might need. Increasingly, schools take classes online with us. Sometimes schools need a couple students to take a specialized course and can’t find the expert teacher or can’t afford one. Sometimes schools want to fall under our accreditation. Sometimes schools end at 6th or 8th grade and want us to serve them to complete a high school education. Whatever the reason we have served many schools with great flexibility. 

Live Courses:

Our First Priority 

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Our first priority is found in preparing students for life. We work with hundreds of schools to that end. Veritas comes alongside many schools with a flexible approach to provide everything they need to see their students flourish. This includes:

  • School Catalog
  • Single Source Book Ordering
  • Live Courses
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Diploma Services

Veritas offers schools one place to buy all curriculum--even curriculum not carried by Veritas. This service provides extraordinary pricing. Here is a list of benefits enjoyed by schools that are part of the single source program.

  • Flat Rate Shipping - 3.5-5% cost of shipping on orders
    Order Preparation - purchase orders prepared by Veritas for your approval
  • Cost Savings - save 25% off retail prices on your ENTIRE order*
  • 3 Easy Ordering Dates - June 12, June 28 & July 12
    One Stop Shop - place all your curriculum needs in ONE place
  • Inventory Management - input your data and we manage your inventory for you
  • Peace of Mind - we’ve got you covered

    *applies to MOST but not ALL publishers. $1500 minimum purchase


Single Source

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Diploma Services

Schools frequently partner with us so they can work with a fully accredited school like Veritas.. Working in tandem with us can provide great benefit to schools and their students, given not only our accreditation with Middle States, but also our exceptional reputation in the K-12 arena, and specifically in classical education from a Christian worldview. Under certain circumstances students from other schools can benefit from Veritas’s accreditation.

Self-Paced Courses

The Veritas Self-Paced courses are increasingly used by schools. Sometimes schools use them in a reverse classroom model--where students do lessons at home and come to school for discussion, projects, and other reinforcement of their learning. Other times course assets are used by teachers as part of their instruction. And sometimes self-paced classes are used in their entirety in class.

Veritas Press curriculum has been used in many classical schools for decades. The ever-growing list of titles and subjects has been frequently awarded best in class by independent sources. The selection of all curriculum, including what we offer from other publishers is followed substantially by many schools.